Month: March 2014

It is getting to the end of March (already) which means that next week will be our Arts Fellowship Group meeting on Tuesday night (April 1). Same room (B-108) and same time (7:00 pm). Please feel free to bring snacks to share with the group and any work in progress that you would like to discuss. And don’t forget to take spend some time in our book before coming to the meeting; we will go through a couple of activities from Chapter 2 and discuss listening to God. Also to make our time more fun, we are going to try to spend the first 15 minutes talking, eating, and getting to know one another better.

Now for the fun part….

I have been wanting to share this on the blog for a while but I haven’t had the time the last few weeks. For the better part of the last century, Surrealism as an art movement thrived. It mostly came out in the form of the traditional art forms, like painting:

Salvador Dali (whose painting “Swans Reflecting Elephants” is shown here) mixed the real and imaginary to often odd and charming results. BTW – don’t you love the double image in the water? Surrealism also worked its way into architecture:

Antoni Gaudi’s terraces, an example of his ability to meld organic form with function often feel more like they are grown in place rather than built (Photo courtesy of Beatriz Posada Alonso). The movement has also spread in sculpture, and even into writing, theater, and film. But lately it seems it has taken an interesting direction within photography. Mind you these photographs have been digitally altered, but the blend of art forms is unique and beautiful.

Here are some young photographers whose works have interested me lately though there are many, many others out there.

winter #flickr12days Anesidora VI (and the last)

These two photographs are from Aliza Razell who loves to mix water color, photography, and mythology. You can see more from her on her Facebook page or flickr page.

More to come on Part 2….



Erwin McManus – The Artisan Soul

I wanted to highlight a new book that came out recently on the subject of creativity and the church. Erwin McManus is the pastor of Mosaic church in Los Angeles, a church known for creating art and culture that is relevant to the people around them. This book is a call to all Christians to embrace their creative side and to open our minds to what God is doing through that creativity. It may be a candidate for next year’s book, but in case you are interested now here is his intro:

Also, if you want to know more there is a really great interview with McManus here under the “Bonus Content.”

Feel free to comment!

Arts Fellowship Group – Meeting Notes March 4th

I have to say thank you to everyone who stopped by for the Art Fellowship Group this last week. Chuck and I are very encouraged to see the Holy Spirit on the move through the arts. In day to day life its easy to have our heads down and not notice that God is doing something greater. It is for that reason that coming together over this shared love of (and talent for) creativity is vital. I hope to see many of you throughout the year.

Instead of reviewing the entire meeting I will pick out some highlights. If you attended, please feel free to leave comments about anything I miss. If you weren’t able to make it I hope that this blog will keep you informed.

Here is the summary, via bullet points:

  • We have a lot of artists who are connecting with our community. I heard several painters and photographers with a consensus that God was pushing them to grow in the area of their creativity. How exciting!
  • There are many ongoing projects for many of the artists who joined last year. Highlights include Jennifer’s Healing the Damaged Soul show, Diantha’s blog, Kelly’s ongoing development of ASL worship dance, and this blog (do you like the new look?).
  • The subject of mentoring/teaching art came up a couple of times related to connecting to young people. Many public schools lack funding for arts programs these days, so there is a clear need. Would you join us in praying for discernment of where God is moving within this need and how we could engage with our community?
  • We introduced the book “The Creative Call: An Artist’s Response to the Way of the Spirit.” Over the next month we will read Chapters 1 and 2. Please make the time to journal, work through the activities, and memorize the verses at the beginning of each chapter if you can. We will discuss these chapters at next month’s meeting.
  • A couple of random items that came up -Akiane Kramarik, child prodigy who painted Jesus…
  • For those interested in online instruction in the arts streamed live for free:

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or prayer requests, please leave a comment. See you all soon!