Arts Fellowship Review and Spark!

This last Tuesday we gathered again to talk about our willingness to listen as artists and to share some ice cream. It was great to have so many people take our conversation to a deeper level. The focus of Chapter 2 of The Creative Way can be summed up in three words…journal, journal, journal. I am thankful we could be honest and admit that writing in a journal is difficult to do and that it can look different for different people. I am excited to learn more about what comes from writing or attempts at writing. I suppose that will wait for the next meeting.

I had to leave a little early so I missed what may have been the most interesting part – a discussion of works of art we started but could not finish for one reason or another. Sure many of us are plagued by distraction and being busy, but is there more to it? I believe that what God is doing through our creative process may be the clearest when we are completely stumped or stopped. He wants us to come it him! Having a baby here at home has slowed down all of my creative endeavors, as well as my fix it tasks (I’ll get to it next weekend honey, honest). I sense that in this season God is still at work and still spurring me on to be intentional with the time I do have.

I would love to hear more from you out there. Are you currently in the midst of a project you can’t finish? What is stopping you?

And on the subject of spurring on – has everyone signed up for the next Spark? It will be the evening of May 27th in the Family Center at North Coast Calvary, starting around 7 pm. Even if you are on the fence I highly encourage you to make the time and come. Think of it as a space reserved for complete creative freedom and conversation, where encouragement and innovation are fostered and new connections are made. I hope to see everyone there.

Lastly, would any of you be willing to share images with our blog? I am looking to liven it up a bit and I would love to have you involved. See you all soon!


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