Month: July 2014

The weather is staying warmer outside (though it is still pleasant), so why not a little winter here at the end of July? The video linked below by Vimeo poster Ivanov Vyaceslav) shows the creation of snowflakes under a microscope. Beautiful!


Continuing our journey into winter, how about an igloo? But not just a regular igloo, but a wonderfully colorful igloo from Canada. Thanks to Brigid Burton of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and her daughter Kathleen Starrie and boyfriend Daniel Gray, this beautiful creation was made:

More photos of the igloo can be found here.



This Wednesday a slight departure…

I heard this yesterday morning and I was touched, especially by the last narrative song called “Waiting on June” (listen in to about 7:30). Holly Williams is the grand-daughter of Hank Williams and is (obviously) a country style singer. Generally I am not the biggest country music fan (sorry), but this singer-songwriter performs in such a candid and intimate way here that I completely forgot about genre. And the lyrics, the rhymes and inside rhymes, are beautiful!

Thanks to NPR for hosting and posting this, and I hope that it encourages everyone, especially those who are married!

Link to Video

Link to Download Audio


I know, you are asking yourself a number of questions. I have heard of this thing called Google Glass, but now Google is taking on another material? Are these the cheaper version for the masses? And what does this have to do with art?

When I learned about this project I wondered many of the same things. And then I became intrigued. And then I wanted to know the potential use for us, the artists of this latest digital age. So here is a brief synopsis – Google engineers wanted to put Virtual Reality (VR) into the hands of more people. Most people are either 1) not interested or 2) not interested in spending a lot of money. The concept is to create VR goggles (if you will) that can be made for, say, around $10. How? By using cardboard…and a couple of other items, most important of which is a smart phone.

The intriguing part of this approach is that they have created an open-source type phone application specifically made for people to play around with. Obviously this would be great fun for anyone into video games desiring to step into them. But what if….we visual artists took control.

Paintings could become experiences.

Movies could be completely interactive.

Music could add a visual journey.

Poets could read their poetry to their readers as close to in person as possible.

Now you are asking if I have gone mad? Perhaps. But it does make you wonder about the future of the art world and where it can go. All photos above are directly from Google’s website. Here is the link…

On another note, has anyone seen this Kickstarter campaign? I suppose having a bunch of these digital art displays would make changing the gallery around much easier.

Wonder Wednesday: The Fox’s Den

Alright, I will admit it. I love paper. If it isn’t a trend thus far on the blog it will be apparent after a year or so. I am always amazed at what artist’s can do with paper and bending, folding, wrapping, and gluing. This is another spectacular example of what can be done.

These photos are of a series of window displays the life of a fox, or, as the artist describes it, the fox moved into the store windows. The fox itself is made from leather, but everything else is paper. Wow.

The artist is Zim & Zou, a French Design Studio made up of Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmermann. Here is a link to their website and here is a link to the project on Behance. They operate out of Nancy, France. The above photos are by Nacho Vasquero.