Month: August 2014

I missed the day yesterday, even though I had plenty of time to post. Oh well.

First off, thanks again to everyone who came to the Arts Fellowship on Tuesday night! It was a great discussion about identifying as an artist, and I believe we only scratched the surface on that one. If I ever get to artist interviews (someday) I will ask this question over and over – “Do you call yourself an artist, why or why not?”

I also want to encourage everyone to take some time in the next month to do some “breathing exercises.” That means get away from all that distracts you, get to a place that inspires and refills you, and don’t forget to saturate yourself in the type of art you want to make.

Lastly, to add yet another really cool set of art pieces made from paper, here is a video about artist and professor Eric Standley (from Virginia Tech). Thanks once again to the Colossal art blog for highlighting this to me. And I have to admit, I now want a laser paper cutter.






Arts Fellowship Tomorrow

Just a reminder that tomorrow night is the next Art’s Fellowship meeting.  Get ready to be encouraged and to encourage others as we discuss “Breathing In” and taking in the world around us.

As a primer, a little moment of meditation….

This video was made by Sean Steininger working in Koh Tao, Thailand…diving 🙂